The founder

Samy’s Curry was founded by the excellent chef Mr. M. Veerasamy back in the 1960’s and the restaurant remains a family run establishment to this day.

Mr. M. Veerasamy was born in the southern part of India. He came to Singapore to work as a cook for a group of Indian merchants who came to do trading in Singapore.

His Journey

As a hobby, during his spare time, he used to experiment and cook new recipes and give the dishes to his neighbours to try. Soon, his food became very popular in his neighbourhood and people started to come to him to request him to cook the dishes for them.

This inspired him to start his own food business.

And through his hard work, he setup his first stall at Tank Road in the 1960’s. After which he moved his stall to Pearl’s Hill Center. And eventually, he moved to Dempsey Road in the 1970’s to set up a bigger restaurant to cope with the increasing customers. And the restaurant has remained at Dempsey Road ever since.

From its humble beginnings, Samy’s Curry has grown to become a beloved and award winning Singaporean landmark, famed for delicious food and friendly service. Customers come from across the island to enjoy the lush Dempsey Road setting and sumptuous dishes, especially the legendary Masala Chicken, Fish Head Curry, Fish Cutlet and Mysore Mutton made from secret recipes consisting of different blend of spices, created by the late Mr. M. Veerasamy. Samy’s Curry is an establishment rooted in tradition serving much loved authentic Indian dishes on a banana leaf in a true South Indian tradition.

The Rest Is History

Located at Block 25 Dempsey Road for more than five decades now, Samy’s Curry has become an institution in itself. With its quaint setting and a taste for tradition, Samy’s Curry is the perfect gateway for those looking to take a trip back in time.